Custom 2 in 1 (2020)

<Mockup ideas & designs of possible custom 2in1 pedals> Prices starting from $250AUD + Postage (depending on circuit selection) Choose from 2 of the following circuit options: CRYSTAL BLUE (Clean Booster) GAIN OF TONES (Single channel GoT Modified Bluesbreaker) ALPACA GRANDE (Red Llama style OD/Fuzz on Steroids) LTD EDITION GERMANIUM DEVICES : (Treble Booster, ODContinue reading “Custom 2 in 1 (2020)”

Steven’s One-Off Custom GoT+ZenDrive

One off Custom build for Steven, with some specific caveats, due to compact and tight pedalboard requirements. Circuits : Gain of Tones (GoT single channel) + Zendrive 2in1 Total of 51 emails spanning from from the Start of June – Mid August 2019.