Effects category : Enhance & Distort

Applications: Various boosters, overdrives and fuzzboxess

Price : $220 – $280 (Australian Dollars) varies on model run and circuit


What was once considered revolutionary in the electronics of yesteryear is now obsolete against today’s cutting edge technology. Let’s be grateful that your smartphone doesn’t rely on Germanium transistors and that they can continue life with their sole duty being powering a guitarist’s little box of sonic joys.


Tone as old as time…there is just something more pure about the way things were done in the past. Less polished, less predictable and not ultra perfect 4K high definition. If you like your sound a little on the raw side, with smoother top end and tube-amp like harmonics + the exceptional guitar volume control “clean-up”, try adding some Germanium colour to your signal chain.


Limited small batch runs due to the time consuming gamble of hand testing each one individually to find suitable in-spec Germanium transistors. We are addicted to finding the “top 10” transistors out of a bag of 1000!!


Due to the small batch runs and various circuits (designated by different coloured enclosures) please click on the below image for a link to the Ltd Edition GE Powered Devices Build Blog + stock availability.

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