Effects category : Distort & Obliterate

Applications: Square wave synth-like fuzz-stortion.

Price : $220 (Australian Dollars)

DIMENSIONS : 66mm x 122mm
Current Draw : < 10mA


Inspired by two cult Japanese Buzzboxes…the result is the abomination aptly titled “Deadwoods”.


There is nothing less than square-wave signal obliteration in sight. But that is just half of its peak obnoxiousness. Send it into an overdriven base tone for total obnoxious filth. Roll back your guitars volume (with Deadwoods 2 EQ knobs maxed) for more of a “HM2” Vibe


Deadwoods active two band EQ section has been tuned to allow a massive range of frequency cut and boost. Be warned, your speaker and cabinets, as well as nearby small animals and children may be harmed.

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