Effects category: Enhance

Applications: Pre-amplifier, tone shaping and pushing a tube amplifier into overdrive, or cleaning up an already crunchy amplifier.

Price : $220 (Australian Dollars)

DIMENSIONS : 60mm x 112mm
Current Draw : < 10mA


At the heart of the Gold Class is a New Old Stock Phillips/Mullard OC Germanium Transistor. These transistors, originally produced in the late 50s, are sorted, graded and tested throughout multiple stages of the build process.


Low tolerance, audio grade components are used throughout the Gold Class signal path, to ensure that what you put in, comes out … just that little bit better.


Due to the time consuming nature of sorting, selecting and testing of the transistors, the Gold Class pedals are only built in small batches at a time.

Gold Class Review :

Unfortunately, our supply of NOS Germanium Transistors are finite, and when our current stock of suitable transistors is depleted, the Gold Class Overdrive will be discontinued.

Click the below image for some further info on the Gold Class Overdrive’s early development, as well as its pivotal role in Anarchy Audio’s career of building world class effects pedals

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