Effects category: Distort

Applications: Swedish influenced “Heavy Metal” chainsaw distortion.

Please note: this is for the modification service ONLY. You are responsible for sending your working pedal to us in Perth Western Australia and arranging for return postage. If you have any questions, please contact us beforehand.


The Metalzone needs no introduction… it can be a useful tool when EQ’d correctly, but dangerous in the hands of the inexperienced. Most mods aim to tame this can-of-bees for something more “amp-like”…but we took a different approach and aren’t gonna kid you into thinking it is anything but a buzzbox.


The Chainsaw modification is not intended to make the MT2 sound exactly like the cult-worshipped HM2. however its frequencies are tuned to “sit around” the infamous left hand path, all knobs on full setting. It is handy for layering with the HM2 in a recording, or simply an alternative to a sound that was championed by the old Swedish guards of death metal.


Purchase the HMT-2 Chainsaw Modification below and unleash its slaughtered soul within.

All prices are in AUD (Australian dollars)

Please contact us once payment is made and we will provide you with a postal address plus keep you updated on the modification progress.

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