Effects category: Distort

Applications: Clean boost-crunchy overdrive to high gain fuzz.

Please note: this is for the modification service ONLY. You are responsible for sending your working pedal to us, in Perth Western Australia and arranging for return postage. If you have any questions, please contact us beforehand.

This facility

We make no bones about it…the DS-1 is a rite of passage for just about every guitarist. The Dirty Secret Modification revoices this very average sounding dirtbox (whether it is of early vintage, Japanese or Taiwanese origin), into a useful multi mode booster, overdrive and fuzz.

Cannot accept:

The DS-1 has had circuit changes and PCB revisions over the years, so please check your version before sending it to us. We can modify each of the revisions that utilises through-hole components (left and middle pictured), but we cannot offer this modification on the newest revision (pictured right) with surface mount technology.


Purchase the Dirty Secret Modification below. All prices are in AUD (Australian dollars)

Please contact us once payment is made and we will provide you with a postal address plus keep you updated on the modification progress.

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