Effects category : Distort

Applications: Medium to high gain distortion for clean channels or bright and mid-scooped combo amps. Tone shaping with a gain stage for stacking into an already crunchy base sound.

Price : $240 (Australian Dollars)

DIMENSIONS : 66mm x 122mm
Current Draw : < 20mA


Borrowing from an American Hot-Rod, Modified British recipe, then further fusing in flavours from the German behemoths, the Reignmaker creates a high gain distortion that is both unique and diverse. It responds very well like a rectified tube amplifier, particularly with a tubescreamer “clean-boosting” into its front end.


The power of EQ…it is a great feature that is easily misunderstood. The Reignmaker’s unique three-band Low, Mid and High controls are stupidly simple. Take away a little (or a lot) of what you don’t want and boost what you do want. Trust your ears…not your eyes.

Now Reign

The winner in a knife fight sometimes yields the bigger blade. In the case of guitar fight club (which thankfully doesn’t involve knives, or actually any fighting) the Reignmaker is your amplifier’s surprise slaying sabre. Just make sure your riffs are precise and your licks cunning.

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