Effects category : Distort

Applications: Wall-of-sound high gain fuzz. For those who like their Muffs Big and Fuzzes Super

Price : $200 (Australian Dollars)

DIMENSIONS : 66mm x 122mm
Current Draw : < 10mA

Rano Pano

We wear our influence proudly on our sleeve with this one…taking multiple design cues from the fuzz section of the vintage/oversized Roland Bee Baa


Utilising 4 stages of cascaded silicon transistors for a stinging fuzz, capable of singing with infinite sustain.

a Box

Enjoy 50 shades of Buzz on tap, thanks to powerful tone shaping and shifting abilities. Additional high frequency refinement (FILTER Toggle) allows cutting through a busy band mix.

Please check store stock for available colours.

Click Image for TPS Pick N Mix Feature

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