Effects category : Enhance & Distort

Applications: Booster, Overdrive and Distortion.

Price : Coming Soon

DIMENSIONS : 66mm x 122mm
Current Draw : < 10mA


The King is Dead…Long Live the King.

The next chapter begins, with a repackaging of our popular “Gain of Tones”, rebranded as, the Checkmate Overdrive.


Staying true to the tried and tested Bluesbreaker/KoT architecture, Checkmate offers further tonal sculpting with the shift control, plus 3 compression (clipping) modes to help further refine and shape your sound.


Whether its clean boost, crisp crunch or filthy, (yet clear) distorted tones, Checkmate offers the ultimate versatility in pre or post placement of other gain stages, all in a pedalboard friendly package.

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