We currently offer modification services for Boss DS-1 and MT-2 pedals. Click on the links below for details on each modification.

Please note: this is for a modification service ONLY. You are responsible for sending your working pedal to us, in Perth Western Australia and arranging for return postage (or collection). If you have any questions, please contact us beforehand.

We do not keep a ready supply of pre-modified pedals for sale, nor do we purchase second hand pedals on behalf of customers.

Pedal hobbyists – please respect that we have taken the time to come up with these mods, and do not charge as much money as some other mod services. Please also respect that we will not be providing information to how to perform our mods to your own pedal.

Boss DS-1 Distortion Dirty Secret Modification

Boss MT-2 Metalzone Chainsaw Modification

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