Power Supplies Q&A

Q : What sort of Power Supplies can i use with Anarchy Audio Pedals ?

All Anarchy Audio Pedals use the modern standard Boss Style jack ie. 9VDC Centre NEGATIVE with a 2.1mm pin & 5.5mm barrel style (see above picture of generic label on most power supply (wall wart) Please check to ensure that you are using the correct specifications, as well as the correct power supply socket (mains wall plug) AND voltage for your country.

Q : I plugged the wrong power supply into my pedal and now its fried!!!

Any repairs to AA pedals from incorrect power supply usage by the user, will incur a rebuild fee. This will be at a cost of $30AUD for half an hours work…with additonal fees for any expensive components (ie germanium transistors) that require replacing. Please contact us if you require repairs.

All Anarchy Audio Pedals are designed to operate on a 9V power supply. Feeding the pedal with more than 9V can and may cause failure to internal components, such as capacitors, transistors and intergrated circuit chips.

All Anarchy Audio Pedals are designed around a centre negative power plug/jack. Plugging the reverse ie centre positive, will cause failure and damage to ALL capacitors, transistors and intergrated circuit chips.

All Anarchy Audio pedals are designed around 9V DC.

DO NOT use a power supply with an AC OUTPUT as this will cause damage and failure to the pedal.

Q: What about current (mA) draw requirements ?

The current requirements of each Anarchy Audio is listed in their respective product pages. Please ensure that your power supply can supply enough current (mA), especially if you are “daisy chaining” several pedals off the same power supply. It is ok to use a power supply that has more current than the pedal needs.

For Example …If Johnny wants to eat two apples, he’s only going to eat two apples whether you put 5,10 or 20 apples on the table.

A pedal that wants 10mA of current works the same way. It will draw 10mA whether the power supply can provide 2000mA. The current rating of a supply is what it can deliver. In that sense, unlike with voltage, the current rating of a power supply must be at least what the device wants but there is no harm in it being higher.

Q: What sort of power supplies do you test with and recommend ?

All Anarchy Pedals are tested through :

  • Visual Sound 1-SPOT
  • TrueTone 1-SPOT
  • Godlyke POWER-ALL
  • CIOKS Big John

For optimal performance (lowest noise floor and ground loops) it is recommended to minimise sharing grounds from the same power supply (see isolated power supplies) If this cannot be achieved, it is recommended to seperate as many pedals into blocks of shared grounds and/or seperate the pedals that are placed in the amplfiers fx loop from pedals that are placed upfront.

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