Warranty and Repairs

Warranty :

All Anarchy Audio pedals are guaranteed to be free from assembly and operational defects for a period of 2 years for the original purchaser. Our warranty does not cover any cosmetic damage or any maintenance items (such as footswitches) that are due to wear and tear from usage, or the incorrect use of power supplies to the pedal.

Please ensure you understand that purchasing a used pedal is not covered by warranty, however any issues relating to the pedal can be sent to us (see Bench Diagnostic fee)

This is on the provision that –

  • No attempt to service, repair or modify any Anarchy Audio pedals have been undertaken by the purchaser, or any other party.
  • The pedal has not been physically destroyed or damaged.

Repairs : Please note: we do not offer repair services for Non-Anarchy Audio Pedals)

Bench Diagnostic fee : $30AUD for half hour. If the fault is diagnosed under 10 mins, (which it often can if its not from the wrong power supply used) this fee is waived.

Any replacement parts required will be charged at cost price.

Rebuild fees due to incorrect power supply usage will incur a rebuild fee (cost varies depending on the pedal), with any further expensive replacement items (such as germanium transistors) charged to you at cost price.

If you have used an incorrect power supply, please be upfront and tell us, so that you do not have to pay the $30AUD bench diagnostic fee on top.

Postage : You will also be required to cover the return postage, which will be added to any warranty/repair invoices.

Please ensure you cover the necessary packaging and tracking for posting the item to us in Perth, Western Australia.

Before posting your pedal to us in Perth, Western Australia, please ensure that you have checked the operation of the pedal with :

–       Working set of Instrument (TS) cables

–       Working amplifier/speakers

–       Working and correct power supply

–       Tested the Anarchy Pedal on its own (guitar into pedal/pedal into amp)

Please ensure the above has been tested and provide the following details

Customer details: contact details, email, address

Place of purchase: New (where) or Used?

Description of Fault: As best as you can, eg. did the issues only recently happen? intermittent issues? signal only in bypass (or vice versa) footswitch broken etc.

Power supply used: Brand/current/polarity (Click here for information or if you are unsure)

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