kl0n3w4vv3rr’s Custom Hybrid Hereafter/Aftermath

One-off custom build for kl0n3w4vv3rr Circuits – Hybrid of the Hereafter (mode 1 delay) and Aftermath minus the kill/dry function (mode 2) Buffered bypass with trails. Right Stomp = master on/off Left Stomp = Mode 1/2

Paul’s Custom One-Off Gain of Tones FTK

One-off custom build Circuits – Gain of Tones / FTK however the FTK spec is footswitchable with its own level(boost) control Left Stomp = master on/off Right Stomp = selects between GoT (left eye lights up) and FTK mode(both eyes light up)

Steven’s One-Off Custom GoT+ZenDrive

One off Custom build for Steven, with some specific caveats, due to compact and tight pedalboard requirements. Circuits : Gain of Tones (GoT single channel) + Zendrive 2in1 Total of 51 emails spanning from from the Start of June – Mid August 2019.