Sextape Modulated Delay

Small run of 3 pedals, inspired by the Deftones track “Sextape”

Circuit – Anarchy Hereafter (Delay section modified) with additional modulation circuit on the delays repeats.

Controls for :
Feedback : Repeats
Delay : Delay time (up to 620ms)
Mod : Intensity of modulation on the repeats
Rate : Speed of the modulation
Mix : Analog dry path parallel blend with effected signal mix control

Mini Feedback/Oscillation switch

Buffered bypass with Delay trails
Top mount in/out and power jacks
Requires 9V DC power via 2.1mm centre negative jack

Published by anarchyaudioaustralia

Self Confessed Guitar and Audio Nerd Owner,designer and production manager at Anarchy Audio Effects Pedals

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