Custom 2 in 1 (2020)

<Mockup ideas & designs of possible custom 2in1 pedals>

Prices starting from $250AUD + Postage (depending on circuit selection)

Choose from 2 of the following circuit options:

CRYSTAL BLUE (Clean Booster)

GAIN OF TONES (Single channel GoT Modified Bluesbreaker)

ALPACA GRANDE (Red Llama style OD/Fuzz on Steroids)

LTD EDITION GERMANIUM DEVICES : (Treble Booster, OD and various Fuzzes)

ECHO (Delay circuit portion from the Hereafter)

CUSTOM MUFF (Various Russian,Rams Head, Hybrid specs of 4 transistor Distortion Fuzz)

ZEN DRIVE (Smooth High Gain Overdrive/Distortion

FIXED WAH (Fixed Envelope Filter)

Pick your FX order (a seperate FX signal order toggle may be accommodated, pending available space) as well as top or side mount jacks (also pending space)

Footswitch wiring options (choose one of the following :

  • Independant on/off stomps
  • Master on/off stomp & Circuit select stomp
  • Master on/off Stomp & Circuit 1/Circuit 1+Circuit 2

Artwork : Anything goes, but we reserve to refuse the right for any controversial art that may be detrimental to the Anarchy Audio brand. If you would like to provide your own artwork, please contact us for a template. We will require art in vector format and in solid colours (ie no shades or shadows as this cannot be laser engraved)

Please note, if we have to custom design your artwork from scratch, this will be reflected in the pricing quote

$100AUD deposit required prior to the build commencing. please contact for a quote.

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Self Confessed Guitar and Audio Nerd Owner,designer and production manager at Anarchy Audio Effects Pedals

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