Gain of Tones

Effects category : Enhance & Distort

Applications: Booster, Overdrive and Distortion.

Use to add a verge of breakup and a crunch channel to your clean amp platform, or use as separate gain stages for guitars’ pickup outputs.

DIMENSIONS : 94mm x 120mm
Current Draw : < 20mA


Modified Bluesbreaker style with clean booster and crunchy drive…dubbed the “Gain of Tones”

Are you ready to Claim the Throne?


Footswitchable Drive I & II settings plus three-way clipping stage toggle. Gain YOUR Tone from a high headroom clean boost or a super compressed crunch, and all the various shades in between.


Additional Presence control to dial in more upper frequency cut (fully counter-clockwise) or more mid body (fully clockwise).

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